Gift Basket w/ Potted Kalo Plant


Perfect for any occasion – congratulating someone on purchasing or selling a home, hitting a milestone at work, or just because.

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Potted Kalo Plant. Also known as the taro plant. Resilient as the Hawaiian people. This beautiful and fascinating plant is considered to be the world’s oldest cultivated crop. It is a native plant to Hawai’i; and is also sacred and has Hawaiian ancestral ties. It is low maintenance; and loves to be nourished with water and sunlight. Kalo strains may vary and will come in a medium ceramic vessel that were locally sourced and hand-picked by our team.


Māmaki Herbal Tea + Tea Steeper. This multi-purpose herbal tea is a powerful antioxidant and caffeine free. Māmaki is a native plant that only grows naturally in Hawai’i; and has been used for medicinal, ceremonial and healing purposes for many years. It’s high in magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, B complex, E, amino acids and beta-carotene. Māmaki is used to detox, help with fatigue, digestion, irritability, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis/pain and more. 2 oz Bag of māmaki grown by Waiholokui Garden.


Raw Hawaiian Honey. Locally harvested raw honey from all over O’ahu. Great addition to Māmaki tea or as a sweetener. 6 oz jar from Nalo Meli Honey


-Opening Gift Candle + Wick Trimmer. A seasonal hand-poured coconut soy wax candle in a 13 oz glass matte vessel with a wick trimmer to ensure the cleanest, most consistent burn. Burn time approximately 50 hours.


Soap Bars + Wooden Soap Tray. Two natural soap bars from Kaimuki Soap Co made with fresh fruits, herbs, and oils; and a wooden soap tray. Soap bars are made in small batches.


Sage + Palo Santo Bundle. Cleanse and invite a higher energy into a space or to yourself by smudging. Burn sage to clear negative energy and to bring in a feeling of peace and clarity; and palo santo to set positive intentions and to reset.


Gift baskets come with a greeting card, Kalo care card, recyclable compost filler, and a basket or wooden box.


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