“Dog Friendly” Gift Basket


Dogs are a big part of the family! This gift basket was designed so “dog-friendly” families could celebrate their milestone with their fur babies.

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Kalo. Taro Plant. Resilient as the Hawaiian people. This beautiful and fascinating plant is considered to be the world’s oldest cultivated crop. It is a native plant to Hawai’i; and is also sacred and has Hawaiian ancestral ties. Beautiful and fascinating, nourished by water and sunlight. It is low maintenance and can be grown indoors and outdoors. Kalo strain may vary.


Ceramic Planter. Medium to large vessel for the Kalo plant. Vessel appearance may vary.


Opening Gift Candles. Two of our hand-poured, vegan wax blend of natural soy and coconut are made in small batches in Kaimuki, HI. Scent of your choice or we can pick for you. Burn time up to 35 hours.


Natural soaps from Kaimuki Soap Co. Two soap bars made with fresh fruits, herbs, oils. Fee of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and do not contain palm oil, canola oil or vegetable oil. Hand-poured in small batches. Appearance may vary.


Wooden Soap Tray. No one likes a mushy soap bar. Our wooden soap saver tray will help extend the life term of your Kaimuki Soap Co. soap bar by keeping your bar dry between uses and away from standing water.


Pet Shampoo from Kaimuki Soap Co. Made with natural ingredients and safe for your fur babies. We believe all fur babies deserve quality products just like everyone else. Non-toxic, paraben & sulfate free, and phthalate free.


Natural Dog Treats Made In Hawaii


Greeting Card Made By Bradley & Lily. A beautiful simple design for every occasion. Designed and printed in Honolulu, HI. Envelope included.


Basket/Wooden Box. Reusable and just right for storing items in or re-gifting. Appearance may vary.


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