More About Membership

Opening Gift has shipped hundreds of thoughtful, hand-crafted gifts since our launch just one year ago. To refine and focus on our most important customers, we’ve decided to shift our business model by adding a subscription-based membership. Here’s why.


With new times, come new ways of doing business. We feel that catering to a smaller audience while maintaining quality and exclusivity was more important than reaching the masses. Our membership is simple, brings value, and increases the opportunity for us to build, grow, and spread Aloha, together.


What You Get as An Opening Gift Member

Our Opening Gift Membership is designed for service-based professionals who want to take their client and VIP gift-giving to the next level. Each month members will have exclusive access to our gift basket selection and our concierge gift-giving services.


Membership Benefits

-Annual Membership, paid monthly
-No Application Fee or Annual Membership Fee
-Exclusive access to our gift basket(s)
-Members receive one gift basket of choice from our selection each month
-Save on additional gift baskets
-We have you covered for those last minute gift basket requests
-Save at some of our favorite local companies
-Free shipping for client gifts to the US Mainland



If this is something you’d like to commit to, please complete the form below with your name, email and a brief message about yourself and your company, and we will be in touch soon. Mahalo!


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